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Our history

Daremblum & Herrera Abogados was originally founded as Bufete Daremblum in San José, Costa Rica, in the early 1970s by Dr. Jaime Daremblum, a Lawyer and Political Scientist. In 1979, the Daremblum Law Firm moved its offices to the house that had been the residence of the Ex-President Ricardo Jiménez, a historical landmark recently declared as Cultural Patrimony of the Nation. The firm began as the maneuver of a young lawyer, who was almost immediately hired by several international companies. This led to the need to incorporate other lawyers in order to provide an efficient and timely response to the initial clients. The number of international companies seeking services from the firm has grown over the years, and their legal team has grown as a result. Since its establishment, the firm has expanded to gather as members distinguished Costa Rican lawyers who have obtained postgraduate studies and are bilingual at least. Thus Daremblum & Herrera Abogados stands out as one of the most prestigious, competitive and versatile law firms in Costa Rica. Daremblum & Herrera Abogados has the capacity to operate at a local and regional level, which allows the company to provide an integral and effective legal service, with the highest knowledge and level of specialization that allows providing a complete support for the ever changing needs of our clients. With its current location in the ATRIUM CENTRO CORPORATIVO building, a new business center. This is part of our conviction that legal services must fully agree with the growing integration and interdependence in the economy, trade, finance and legal activities of current companies and businesses.

Organizational profile

Profile With more than 45 years of operation, Daremblum & Herrera Abogados is recognized for its experience in all areas of international transactions. The Firm represents a wide range of commercial, financial and industrial companies. Its customer base is mainly located in North America and Europe. Daremblum & Herrera Abogados also advises its clients on economic, political and general conditions in Central America. It also provides administrative services to international entities that conduct business in Costa Rica and the Central American region. As a member of THE AMERICAS GROUP, the firm offers legal services to clients in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Argentina.


The Mission of Daremblum & Herrera Abogados is to serve our clients through an organized team effort. Starting with the rigorous analysis of a case, to structure the strategy of action or the defense based on timely, vigorous integrity in order to fully satisfy the needs of our clients who, as strategic partners, must be protected according to the legal system even beyond of simple legal advice.


As an organization sensitive to the relevant changes in our environment, we use technology to facilitate access to legal, economic and business information. Therefore, we are in a position to give the necessary support to our different legal services and build foreign alliances in order to offer our clients efficient legal services both nationally and regionally.


1. To develop permanently a legal practice widely recognized for its solvency, knowledge and scope.
2. Serve your clients with the highest professional and ethical standards, with a team of lawyers of the highest quality.
3. Develop effective and innovative legal solutions for the benefit of our clients, operating at the same time in a dynamic and increasingly interdependent legal, economic, commercial and financial environment.



Daremblum & Herrera Abogados is recognized for its experience in all areas of international transactions.

Close relations

Our vision of success requires lasting and close relationships. Our particular success is that our clients are successful and we work together.


Human team with formidable training and talent, to provide quick, assertive and conciliatory solutions.