Aviation law and regulations, including both domestic documents, such as ICAO and FAA. Practice and proceedings before the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Costa Rica, for the licensing of air transport operations and related services, passengers, cargo, transport of correspondence, ground handling services, dispatch and maintenance of aircraft, supply and airport liberation , government / airline advice, bilateral and multilateral agreements on air transport agreements.

Internship in Central America

Coordination of all types of matters and matters in Central America on behalf of clients, including trade, communications, imports and exports, investments, mergers and acquisitions, business advice and analysis, economics, finance and political conditions, risk assessment and financing, planning and structuring of projects.


Contracts of supply, distribution, representation and production, agreements and compliance with regulations related to research and development contracts and technology transfer, equipment and machinery rentals, acquisition and sale of assets, advice in the Free Zones and maquila operations in Costa Delicious.


Sketch and preparation of individual work contracts and collective agreements, representation before labor authorities and social insurance Costa Ricans, structuring of benefits plan for employees.


Legal guide for compliance with the regulations for import and export of Costa Rica, working together, both with the customs authorities, and with the Customs Agents to assist clients in obtaining and maintaining proper documentation for import and export, permits specials and resolutions for transactions, design and implementation of compliance programs established by customs legislation and the authorities of the United States of North America, Costa Rica and Central America.


Permits, operating licenses and authorization for systems and equipment, domestic and international telecommunications, satellite systems, systems, franchises, proposals for supply projects.


Registration and structuring of legal entities, drafting and preparation of articles of incorporation and by law, operating permits, legal aspects of business establishment, planning and operation, documentation of stock issues, public and private offers, corporate mergers, bankruptcy and liquidation, acquisition and sale of assets and shares of companies, legal requirements for business competition.

Mining and natural resources

Preparation and negotiation of applications to obtain the exploration, exploitation and processing of concessions; compliance with regulatory requirements, structuring of mining and natural resources projects and companies, financing of business capital and foreign investment, preparation and negotiation of technology contracts related to oil exploration, exploitation and processing of natural resources, equipment lease contracts , technology and machinery.

Migration and Naturalization

Drafting and preparation of documents for permanent, temporary residence permits, work visas for foreigners, preparation and processing of applications for temporary employees and their dependents in Costa Rica, representation of non-migrant foreigners in Costa Rica, preparation and processing of non-resident status immigrant to immigrant and foreign resident.

Fusions and acquisitions

Feasibility and alternative legal studies, obtaining approvals and legal authorizations, determination of corporate strategies, search for titles and due diligence activities, coordination of mergers and acquisitions.

Energy and resources

Draft and preparation of projects and all documentation related to cogeneration projects, investments in services, compliance with regulations, public tenders, contracts and negotiations with public entities.

Real estate

Industrial, commercial and residential leases, structuring of trusts for bordering and coastal restricted areas, search of titles and analysis of previous land uses, preparation and negotiation of purchase agreements; representation in title actions and adverse possession processes, structuring of development projects, and construction contracts in industrial, commercial, tourism and residential engineering; mortgages and other matters of finance and real estate zoning.


Equipment, licenses and applications for permission, structuring of acquisition and operation of private means of transport; joint venture structuring for public works and subcontracting projects related to transportation; operations and regulations for border shipping and transport.

Finance, Banking, Guarantees and Transactions at change

Structuring of guarantees, restructuring of debts, revolutive credits and stand-by, and resources for loans, credits for domestic and international international trade, financing for business development in tourism, real estate and other areas, bills of exchange, bills of exchange credit, promissory notes, guarantees and resources of acceptance, financing of capital of the company, placement and restructuring of debts in Costa Rica and abroad, leasing of aircraft, shipments and financial structures; establishment of banks and financial corporations; advice from banks on financial regulations and international exchange regulations.

Administrative, civil and criminal litigation

Negotiation of commercial disputes for settlement, commercial and civil litigation, criminal proceedings, public tenders, offers, negotiations, administrative counter-governmental appeals, contract executions, arbitration and conciliation proceedings, execution of national and international judgments, assistance for the defense of foreign claims, conflict of laws, bankruptcies and suspension of payments, alternative means of dispute resolution.


Preparation of timeshare contracts and regulations for timeshare companies, structuring of joint ventures and foreign investment in projects for hotels, holiday resorts, condominiums, shopping centers, infrastructure development, representation before regulatory entities, negotiation of coastal zones and other special zones or with restrictions on land use, preparation of operational guides related to tourism and consumer protection issues, and obtaining tax incentives for the tourism industry.

Trademarks, patents, intellectual property and franchises

Registration, processing and renewal of trademarks, patents and intellectual property rights; tracing of trademarks, negotiation and transfer of intellectual property rights and agreements on them, advice on negotiations for franchise and license agreements, litigation of trademarks and patents.

Related Services

Additionally, we offer regional legal services (Central America) and for cases where necessary we also offer the service of "Lawyer in place". In addition, we support the payment of payroll administration for our clients.

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